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Edit: I think the original question was too difficult (it was hard enough for me, that should have been a sign) so let me broaden the question: What kind of music, and possibly poetry, do you feel suits the overall mood of your project or setting? Or what kind of music do you like for writing to in general? The original post is also below so feel free to answer that one if you can think of something.

This one's inspired by a conversation from the previous week's post where [personal profile] inkdust mentioned a couple of lines that expressed her main character really well. That got me thinking about a quote that fit my character or story. So I cast about a little and found this from the Dao De Jing:

For only he that pities is truly able to be brave;
Only he that is frugal is able to be profuse.
Only he that refuse to be foremost of all things
Is truly able to become chief of all Ministers.
To me this expresses her arc fairly well, although it can also sound like boring moralizing and could be problematic for a female character. Not that my heroine is a self-effacing saint, but she does find herself achieving things she never imagined by laying down some of her desires and ambitions for compassion and decency. Let's see if I can manage that process without being moralizing or misogynistic. The whole Dao De Jing is interesting in this way, extolling the seemingly passive and traditionally feminine virtues in a society that prizes the direct and masculine.

What about you? Is there a line, or verse, or song that would express some aspect of your character or story?
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