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I'm not much of a traveler. I am abroad right now but that was for work, and now that the conference where I was an organizer is done with I'm doing what I like best--chilling in my room (hotel in this case) with nothing urgent pressing down on me other than getting on a plane tomorrow and maybe doing some gift-shopping. It's not that travel is devoid of pleasure for me, I just don't actively seek it out and I dislike the exertion and uncertainty.

Travel has been a central subject of a lot of great literature, though, and it's sometihng I have a hard time grasping on an emotional level. Mostly I find myself thinking, wow, how dangerous and difficult. Why would anyone inflict all that hardship on themselevs? Sometimes I wonder if I'm missing out as a reader and writer by being so indifferent to the thrill of travel (or if there is a thrill, it's mainly that of fear that something will go wrong). Then again, many famed literary travels (Fellowship of the Ring, Grapes of Wrath) were compelled by circumstances so maybe I'm on to something here.

What's your personal relationship to travel? Do your travel experiences or lack thereof affect your writing? Can you think of some travels in literature, fiction or non-fiction, that have influenced you or seemed particularly good or bad?
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