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I made a boo-boo last week--I made a public post but forgot to make it, you know, actually public. [personal profile] lookingforoctober pointed out the error but it took me a while to fix it, sorry.

The lecture after the one I discussed in the previous public post made a really interesting point about our relationship to fictional characters. Specifically, the lecturer pointed out that we get to know characters in novels in a way we can't know anyone but ourselves in real life: By accessing their inner thoughts directly, or at least with the potential to. The actual exploration of characters' inner lives can be as immediate as real-time stream-of-consciousness (Mrs. Dalloway), entirely external as though captured by an invisible camera (The Maltese Falcon), or somewhere in between in the form of a condensed narration of a charcter's thoughts (The Great Gatsby, and I think most novels). This, together with the simpler nature of characters compared to real-life people, and the fact that we get to see them in the most dramatic and interesting moments of their lives, makes them in some ways more knowable and iconic than real people.

Who are some fictional characters that have touched you deeply? What is it about them that makes them so interesting?


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