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[community profile] go_write is continuing in a new community -- [community profile] go_write_2017 -- and we'd love to have you join us!

As a community, we've always aspired to be an intimate group, and most of the activity in this community has been private in order to let members comfortably talk about their projects and anything else writing related that they might not want to say to the entire internet.

We've decided to balance this desire for privacy with the need for a membership policy that's not too demanding on anyone, mods or potential members, by creating a new community which will be open to all new members until the end of this month, January 2017.

After January, the community will be active for the rest of the year with a fixed membership, and when posting to the community, members will know who they're talking to and can decide what they want to talk about within that group with confidence that they know who will be able to see it now and in the future.

(We're also going to remove members who join but don't seem interested after joining, which will be measured by participation sometime during a month long period in late February and early March. This is also meant to make the environment more comfortable for those who are interested in participating, because mysterious lurkers are hard to get to know.)

Currently, we're planning to continue doing this each year, so there will be a new community in 2018 as well, which will be open to new members in January of that year. We're hoping that this new model will successfully balance privacy and comfort for all members of the community with an ability to periodically add new members to the continuing community.

Membership in the new community is currently open to anyone who is interested. Whether you're entirely new to us, someone who's talked with us here in our public posts, or an old member who hasn't joined the new community yet, if you're interested in a private writing community please check us out at [community profile] go_write_2017. If you'd like to join, you should be able to just click the join button on the profile page, but if you have any trouble feel free to PM me.

On February 1st, membership will be closed and any outstanding invitations will be canceled, and membership in the new community will be fixed for 2017.
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